Vee the Eevee

I'm Vee. Please leave. I'm tired, I'm hungry. That damned Team whatever is looking for me and if you tell them that you've seen me, I will electrocute you so hard, you'll think Zapdos himself shocked you.

((Hi there! This is Vee before meeting Red and right after he escaped Team Rocket. In case you don't know, Vee is an Eevee that has been experimented on by Team Rocket. It's able to turn into a Flareon, Jolteon, or Vaporeon briefly before reverting back to its Eevee form. And yeah, Vee was the nickname that Red gave him, and since my Vee hasn't met Red yet, he shouldn't really be called Vee. But to make things easier, I'm just gonna say his name was Vee all along, even in the wild.))

Head Canons  


More of them… 

Still in his Jolteon form, he hissed at the newcomeres. He was being surrounded, he just knew it. Where the hell were they all coming from?!


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    Vee sighed. “If I let you, will you stop bugging me about it?”
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    "That is because I’m not a Pokemon and I don’t know a team rocket. I was just wandering around."
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    Come on now, I only wanna be your friend.
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  5. german-ebooks said: (THEY CAME FORM MY ARMY ITS LIKE A VIRUS D:)